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The Kansas Psychological Association (KPA) strongly condemns structural racism and police brutality that specifically targets minority communities. Specifically, the events surrounding George Floyd’s murder as one of many recent attacks on black and brown bodies have brought to light, once again, the ongoing struggles that our Black communities face on a regular basis. It has reminded us of the injustices and trauma that the

Black community has lived through historically, socially, and politically, and that minorities continue to deal with despite this being 2020. We are horrified and saddened by these acts of racial violence against Black individuals and KPA strongly opposes these acts.

We have a responsibility to speak up for our minority communities, especially our Black communities in the current environment of targeted violence and health disparities. These traumas create multiple layers of additional work and emotional labors for our Black colleagues. We need to hold ourselves accountable and take measures to support our Black colleagues and clients. The burden of responsibility lies with all of us, not

just our minority colleagues. The inequities faced by minorities can NO LONGER be ignored and we, as psychologists, have a responsibility to hold up the mirror and ask ourselves how we can make a difference as individuals and as a profession.

KPA remains committed to our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We welcome and will support advocacy, education, and other efforts that address racial disparities and advance equity for our minority communities. For those interested, please contact Dr. Krithika Malhotra for further discussion and collaboration of efforts.


Krithika Malhotra, PhD

President-Elect, Kansas Psychological Association

Kansas Psychological Association

Executive Director:  Sherry Reisman, CAE


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