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KPA Mentorship Program Launched July 2021

The Kansas Psychological Association (KPA) is excited to launch the KPA Mentorship Program! This program will serve as a way to connect psychologists of various career levels across the state. This is a great way to network, get and give guidance and support, and get involved in KPA. If you are interested in either a mentor or being paired with a mentor, you can fill out a mentorship profile here, and KPA will match you! The KPA Mentorship Program is a KPA membership benefit. If you are not yet a KPA member, sign up here.

Not a Member Yet? 

Join KPA, connect and network with colleagues, increase referrals, and advocate for psychologists in the state of Kansas. 


There are opportunities to be involved in this program at all stages of your training and career!

  • Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow - Individuals who are enrolled in a graduate training program in psychology or who are currently completing a postdoctoral fellowship. Students/fellows are not eligible to be mentors, but can be matched with an ECP, Mid-Career, or Senior Psychologist mentor.
  • Early Career Psychologist (ECP) - Individuals who completed their terminal degree less than 10 year ago (psychologists who graduated 2012 or later). ECPs can serve as mentors for Students/Fellows, and can be matched with a Mid-Career or Senior Psychologist mentor.
  • Mid-Career and Senior Psychologist - Individuals who completed their terminal degrees 10 years ago (graduated prior to 2012). All psychologists at this level are eligible for mentorship of Students/Fellows and ECPs, or more established psychologists who are more junior than them.


  1. Both mentor and mentee must be current KPA members. Not a KPA member? Sign up here.
  2. Mentor and mentees are required to meet (by phone, televideo, or in person) once per quarter.
  3. There is no fee to the mentee nor should the mentor receive any payment for this role.
  4. Mentorship relationships will last one calendar year. The mentoring relationship can extend beyond one year as mutually agreed upon by mentor and mentee.
  5. Complete an annual mentorship program feedback form

Program Goals

  • Allow psychologists at all levels of their career to connect with other Kansas-based psychologists.
  • Facilitate greater involvement with KPA at all levels, but particularly encouraging early involvement from student and ECP members.
  • Provide support for psychologists who may benefit from mentorship outside of their own organization, or who do not have mentorship opportunities in their current setting.

Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee? Complete your application here.

Kansas Psychological Association

Executive Director:  Sherry Reisman, CAE


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